BeagleBoardBeginners guide

another try.
I’m following the guide for beginners. I partitioned and formatted a 4GB sd card. Then I downloaded an angstrom image from narcissus. As described in the guide I copied the MLO, u-boot.bin and uImage files into the bootable partition and the rootfs in the other.

As stated in the guide, having a bb_xm I didn’t set any boot args.

But at power up only the power led is on. Nothing else happens.
I also tried to reset with the user button pressed but it doesn’t boot anyway.

There is something else I missed? Should not be enough to put the files into a properly formatted sd card?
I read a lot of guide about beagleboard but each one is different! And I’m quite confusing about the simplest way to boot an angstrom image.


Hi Marco,

Try out this link, this works perfectly fine. Did you copy the uEnv.txt??

The uEnv.txt file is not mentioned in the guide I linked! So I didn’t copy it.

Now I’m trying another time from scratch following the link you provided.
Anyway is takes very long time to get bb working fine :wink: