Beagleboarx XM serial port issues

Hello All!

I'm trying to make my fresh new beagleXM work.

Until now I got the Angstrom distro working, but I have lots of
problems with the serial port.

I tried with:
- A USB/Serial adapter
- Another USB/serial adapter
- A serial cable (no null modem) with a native serial port

It seems like I'm having ground issues. The serial shows the linux
boot messages and I can come to the login prompt, but 70% to 80% of
the characters are wrong and it's really impossible to work with.

Serial settings are correct, but I always get these wrong characters.

Do I have to ground the board in another way (maybe through the ground
pin?) or maybe extract only the tx, rx and gnd pins from the serial?

I'm quite confused... and I don't have an oscilloscope

Make sure your PC, Beagle monitor, and the Beagle board power supply are plugged into the same power strip.


OK, it turned out the problem was
- 2 broken USB/Serial dongles
- 1 broken serial cable

my god... 3 out of 3

the Murphy's law has been proven :slight_smile: