Beaglebon black Large Cap gets very HOT with the 5v plug in and the mini HDMI port plugged in.

The Beaglebone large cap gets very hot when plugged into the 5v supply and the mini dvi-d plug is connected. Has anyone seen this behavior before? I’m a bit concerned.


Can you be a little more specific as to which capacitor you are referring to? Is this the yellow/orange PTC next to the USB A connector?


Here is the issue,

If I plug in the mini HDMI plug and hook it up to a monitor the boot screen brifly comes up and then dies and the yellow PTC cap becomes VERY hot. I’m thinking there is a short somewhere in my board that is centered around the HDMI the cap. I’ve worked on circuit boards for years and something is obviously shorted

Thanks for your input much appreciated


That is because your monitor is sucking power from the PTC and causing it to get hot. That is what it is there for. The PTC connects 5V to the HDMI connector. It connects to nothing else on the board. I suspect the short may be in the cable or you monitor.

Try another monitor and see if you have the same issue.