Beaglebone A3 Console issue

I purchased a new Mac Laptop running Mountain Lion 10.8. I an unable to get the FTDI driver on the BB site working with the A3 for USB console. If I get into /dev/ directory I do not see the BB A3 added.

Additionally I tried to download FTDI driver from FTDI
Version 2.2.18 to no avail.

The following thread was on the BB site but I’m unsure if this related to basic serial console.!searchin/beagleboard/a3$20ftdi/beagleboard/gKQtFpdpB6k/m4kQUHLBEnEJ


Has anyone else had this same issue. My Imac works fine on the A3 hardware. Only my Macbook Pro Retina has this issue. A5 Beaglebone works fine. Can this be a USB 3.0 issue?