Beaglebone Adafruit Eagle library wrong?

Hello all,

can someone please either confirm my opinion or tell me that my eyes
really got bad? I took the Adafruit Beaglebone library symbol from
mentioned also here in the forum...

and found that there are significant differences to what the system
reference manual tells, see here:

It is not just one, it is so many differences that I decided to ask
here before running into total confusion.

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Cheers, Günter

It appears the Adafruit is totally incorrect and was taken from an earlier version of the board,(the first protoype) and not one that was actually produced in production.


Thanks, Gerald

Can you please also confirm that the sequence of AIN on Expansion
Header P9, bottom left corner is correct:
"AIN0-AIN2-AIN6-AIN4" and not as it would be in sequence "AIN0-AIN2-

Cheers, Günter

Try the one we just pushed - it should be A3 compatible but it is NOT

Did you look at the latest schematic?

As I read it, it is AIN0-AIN2-AIN6-AIN4 on the left of P9 counting from pin 41 and going up the connector, down in pin number, odd numbers.
It is AIN1-AIN3-AIN5 on the right of P9 counting from pin 40 and going up the connector, down in pin number, even numbers.