BeagleBone AI-64 barrel jack type


What type of barrel jack does the BeagleBone AI-64 use? I am guessing it is 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD, but I just wanted to confirm.

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Here: hw/BeagleBone_AI-64_Rev_B1_SCH_220602.pdf · main · / BeagleBone AI-64 · GitLab .

I will go and look. If you cannot see the .pdf b/c of the size of screen, get the download and look at it. It has tons of info. in the .pdf and all about the electronics on the board.

I also think that the BBAI-64 has a hardware and mechanical section, i.e. somewhere. I will check online.




I did find some interesting info. about the barrel jack needing to be 5v 3A about…

Anyway, I also looked up the part numbers from the datasheet I connected you to earlier in the hour.

Notta…I cannot find any part numbers from Mouser for those exact connections.

conn3-pwr-dc630 and DC630-20D01 do not give me any ideal solutions for finding this exact part number.

But…Wurth Elec. came up in the search. I think the 5v 3A (about) of power from the barrel jack needs to be positive. I will test now to see the correct size and shape.


P.S. My power adapter shows this info. and fits snug into the BBAI-64.


I just found the mechanical but it does not show the height: