Beaglebone AI-64 booting

I have been thinking about using the BeagleY-ai as a CAN board with a couple of CAN but since the CAN devices are not brought out that is not going to happen. I will end up using my youyeetoo ARM board for that which does bring a CAN port out. I need to add a microchip device to have 2 CAN though. The AI-64 is nice but gets way too hot.

I do have a question about the AI-64, it doesn’t look like I can use the M2 port for SSD. Is it possible to boot off the usbc port? I do have a 2TB SSD on a USBC adapter board.


With the correct PCIe key adapter, you can use the m.2 with an nvme SSD.

Btw there are two can ports in the csi connector on the beagley-ai, I’ve been waiting for Amazon parts to arrive…

This sounds interesting but I cannot find the footprint for the 22 pin MTFP65-822SWBN-19A72 or the one from Adafruit.
I use kicad for my designs.


I Created a footprint for the 15 pin connector. Amazon has a cable that converts the 22 pins to 15 pins.
I was wondering about the CAN, what is the difference between MCU_MCAN1 and MCAN1?