BeagleBone AI 64 Display issues

I want to make sure I am not totally missing something. I just got my BeagleBone AI 64, and all works well when I have it tethered to my laptop but I would like to get it to work with a monitor and keyboard. I have a display port to HDMI cable and have tried it with multiple monitors and a TV but I do not get a signal out. I have tested the monitor and know the TV is fine as well. I have also tried 2 different cables from BestBuy. Is there anything I need to do to enable the display port or does it sound like the board may have issues?


I have a display port cable that will fit the BBAI-64 and it leads, the other end, to a full-sized display port connection.

I will try this one out. I know sometimes the cabling does not fully function in some devices…

  1. For instance…
    a. My USB-C to HDMI cable does not currently work w/ the monitor I have on the desktop.
    b. There are other chipsets that Linux has not implemented, i.e. I am sure of it.

  2. I will test the cable and report back but I do not think I have the cable you are discussing.

Oh! Try to add some power 5v 3A to the power connector barrel jack on the BBAI-64. It may be an actual constraint of power needing to be given.


P.S. Anyway, I will have some time to test soon.


I tested the Mini DP to the DP cable. It works!


I think Linux has a way w/ the files to handle such a build of the chipset on your device.

  1. First, find out what is built into the cable.
  2. Second, if it shows a type and build, there may be a Linux command like modprobe to handle such a “built in” driver.
  3. Third, while using ssh to handle your BBAI-64, run the commands to see about what is attached.
    a. Maybe try, but you know me as not quite sure just yet, cd /sys/devices/platform/bus@100000/4a00000.dss/drm/card0/card0-DP-1/ and then look in status?
    b. Or…try this command: find /sys/devices -name "edid" . I found that command and these ideas online at xrandr - Bash list all display output ports - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

So, @hoffman.jon

I think what exactly is this idea.

  • Linux, if installed via the compilation of your image, has mechanisms to install drivers via modprobe.
  • Also, there is something called a LKM. I am sure you are aware of this mechanism in Linux.
  • Anyway, here: Introduction to Linux Loadable Kernel Modules

That link will guide you, if already installed via a module, on how to build it but I think it may brake your system, i.e. as LKMs are infamous for it.


P.S. I am sure there are other ways of doing things. Linux is full of surprises.

Are you using an ‘active’ Display Port adapter?

Passive ones don’t work with the design of this sbc.



@RobertCNelson thank you for the reply, my guess is that is what it is. I ordered a new cable off of Amazon that is ‘Active’ and it should be here Thursday.

@RobertCNelson That was the problem, just received the new cable and everything works perfectly. Thank you again for the reply.

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I also have a problem with the Display Port cable.
Before I bought the Beagle AI-64 board I thought it was as easy as the HDMI display. However, I cannot make the screen visible.
The choice of Display Port replace HDMI was a mistake, why don’t you give a simple and common HDMI port?

Hi @Kevin_Nguyen2022 sorry, you need an “active” adapter…

Such as:

The TDA4 processor on the BeagleBone AI has a native DisplayPort interface, so no encoder chips are required (like BeagleBone Black “framer”). Where we messed up, there’s an addendum to the DisplayPort spec to work with “passive” devices, hence the really cheap DisplayPort > HDMI adapters don’t work, you need an “Active” one…


I have the adapter linked and have not managed to get it to output to a display on the BBAI-64. I haven’t spent time diagnosing it and I’ve only tried one monitor but my initial impression has been that it doesn’t work in my testing.

I have a question, can any DisplayPort to HDMI converter cable of Active type be used?
Please let us know of some alternative equivalents to recommended cables sold on Amazon.

This model does work, just got it a few days ago.

I have purchased several others that did NOT work so its pretty much a learning experience.

@Kevin_Nguyen2022 I bought this one, and can verify that it works great:

Thanks for review.