BeagleBone AI-64: Open Source 3D status

In our Debian builds, we are following the mesa branches, right now this is 22.1 however we have not merged Imagnation’s drm kernel patch back down to our 5.10.x (it relies on a lot of mainline options that were added after 5.10.x)

Our Mesa Debian pkg source: git-mesa · main · / Repos Arm64 · GitLab

With the imagination-experimental option enabled…



What is the current status of this, do the latest images have the open source driver enabled?

Hi @jmcguire525 , so there are 2 parts to this.

The kernel drm driver… Which hasn’t made it into Dave’s DRM tree yet… It also relies on kernel changes not in v5.10.x-ti, i see us patching mainline in the next few months for this part.

For MESA, i’m still shipping the 22.1 branch, once the 22.2.0-rc’s settle down, i will be updating our userspace from 22.1 → 22.2… However, 22.2 ony added AM62xx support,

So today, MESA only supports:

/* This is the list of supported DRM display drivers. */
static const struct pvr_drm_device_info pvr_display_devices[] = {

/* This is the list of supported DRM render drivers. */
static const struct pvr_drm_device_info pvr_render_devices[] = {

TDA4VM: Rogue 8XE GE8430
AM62xx: “3D Graphics”… It’s similar family, but a different model, why are the public docs hiding this?

So it’ll take a little time to add the TDAVM’s gpu…

2022.08.11 - mesa 22.2.0-rc2 is now in the arm64 repo…


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Thank you, I’ve been reading to understand the Kernel Driver/Mesa relationship… from what I gather, full hardware gpu acceleration requires both Mesa to implement various APIs and the kernel driver for carrying out those instructions.

Right now we have some of the Mesa requirements in place (assuming the AM62xx is equipped with a similar PowerVR GPU) and are waiting on the kernel driver from Imaginaion in a later release with newer kernel version (possibly 5.15/18?).

My main interest is using the GPU for hardware encoding of a CSI-2 camera with the NDI-SDK to achieve the lowest possible latency over a wireless connection (Also why i brought up the AX210 in another thread). However, I haven’t been able to find much on the 8XE other than it can handle a single 1080p/60 encode or 3x at 1080p/30 (only h.264 is mentioned for encode). Is V4L2 the default/only method of HW encoding?

@RobertCNelson Any update on the current status of this?