Beaglebone AI Advertising

Why is the Beaglebone AI the first board to be ‘advertised’ on the website - it’s not manufactured any more - mores the pity…

Mike, the board advertised is the BeagleBone AI64, which is very much in production :slight_smile:

Sorry - I was looking at the ‘bone’ page :slight_smile:

BeagleBone AI (AM5729) is still manufactured, we are just still waiting on parts.

To your point though, I updated - bone.

Looks better.
Great news about the Beaglebone AI - any timescales?

How about a timeline on updating the documentation? SRM not updated in almost 2 years.

This topic has been outstanding over a month without even an acknowledgement.

also … chap 7 of the SRM is more than a little thin

just sayin