[BeagleBone AI] Product details


I would like to ask about some specifics of the BeagleBone AI board https://beagleboard.org/ai).

I am currently working on a study targeting AI accelerator modules and development boards. We are interested in the BeagleBone AI board as it might fit the requirements of our client who wishes to enroll a large-scale deployment (thousands of modules) in a few years.

I am currently missing the following information:

  1. Operating lifetime (in years)
    Some manufacturers (e.g., Nvidia) provide an estimate of the operating lifetime of their modules in hours or years.

  2. Product lifecycle
    We need this information to understand until when the BeagleBone AI board will be available on the market.

  3. Warranty
    Is there any warranty defined by the manufacturer on the BeagleBone AI board?

  4. Operating temperature range

What is the temperature range for the operation of the BeagleBone AI board?

  1. Compliance
    The system reference manual defines the CE compliance as TBD (https://github.com/beagleboard/beaglebone-ai/wiki/System-Reference-Manual). Is the board currently compliant with EU standards ?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

I guess that would explain why my Tegra Jetons TK1's are dead.. Kinda Stupid..

I've got a few AM5729 X15 prototype's still 'running' and building
kernel linux-image*.deb file for the beagleboard's debian repo, which
I got in the fall of 2014..

Other than a heatsink and 120mm fan to blow on 3 board's stacked, they
just run..

As long as you keep them cool and clean power, they should be fine.