BeagleBone AI supported cameras

I bought one BeagleBone AI board to experiment with in my free time.

I am thinking of running the demo described in:

I have two questions:

  1. The demo uses the camera “Logitech HD Pro Webcam, C920, 1080p Lens”. Do I need to get exactly that camera? If no, is there a list of supported cameras for Beagle Bone AI and what do I need to change to use an alternative camera?

  2. At the demo the board is setup with a fan. Is the fan optional at 23 C ambient temperature, or when the demo is running the board definitely needs it?

Thanks in advance.


I run a fan on my X15 from power on and it stays cool. I just received my BBAI and I will build a fan support for it

also. I believe running cool gives quicker and better results.


I think there are screw holes in the heatsink for a 25 mm 1 inch fan, but no fan power socket, so no speed control.