Beaglebone and LCD w/touch

First of all, I apologize for the question. I know its been beat to
death a bunch of times on the beagleboard, but I'm interested in doing
it on the beaglebone which doesn't seem to have come up.

I'm building a handheld project and want to run a 3.5" (or there
abouts) LCD with touch. I don't really care whether its 16bit or 24bit
color (although 24b would be nice).

Is it simply a matter of finding a display and hooking it up to the
appropriate expansion pins - or would I need a frame buffer and other
hardware components?

Assuming 3.5" (ish) and that I'm flexible on depth and size can anyone
recommend a display/sensor that would get me up and running quickly?
I'd rather pick an lcd that someone has already used if that knowledge
is available - otherwise I'll find a display and back into it.

A couple thoughts:
7" is way too big for my application - so the existing cape is not an
I have some hardware and embedded linux experience - but not a lot;
however if you can point me in the right direction I'll give it a
I will be wanting to display HTML5 and some animation on this, so I
believe that an SPI type interface will not be an option?

Cheers for any help.

Framebuffer is built into the processor. All you may need is a signal buffer and supply the voltages and power sequencing for your selected display to work. Backlight and touch interfaces will also be required.

There are a lot of displays out there that will work. You need to decide how much you want to spend, check what is required to support that display as mentioned above, and then make sure it has all the required signals, data, VSYNC, HSYNC, and DE , often refereed to as RGB or digital interfaces.

Then design you board and get it built.


Thanks for the quick response Gerald.

I've ordered this guy:
The datasheet shows all the signals you called out so it should
hopefully be a good starting point.

Both it and the beaglebone should arrive by the weekend so I'll have
something fun to play with.... :slight_smile:


We have a 3.5" display in the works. Prototypes came in today and they are looking good. Not sure if you want to wait or if you are more interested in trying to get this one to work. From what I can see, it should work, but you will need to design an interface board to get it working and write the drivers for the LCD panel and the touch screen.


If someone is willing to write the drivers, I could do the board. I
assume it would be very similar to the 7" driver board?

Can your provide info on the LCD part number and point me to the data


If we could have the schematic of the 7" cape that would really help.
I've got Innolux 4.3" and 7" LCDs that I plan to connect to the
beaglebone, but I want to double check the wiring first.
Also, the source of the linux driver for the cape would help as well.
Do you guys have a git repo for that?


Once each of the Capes are released all of this information will be provided. The plan is to keep the BeagleBone demo image updated to support each of the capes as they come out, so it should work out of the box.


Once each of the Capes are released all of this information will be provided. The plan is to keep the BeagleBone demo image updated to support each of the capes as they come out, so it should work out of the box.

The february images support the 7 lcd cape and the dvi cape, support for the towertech CAN cape and bbtoys 3.5" cape should follow shortly. We're more than happy to help people out with supporting the capes they design in the default image.



I know that they're in flux at the moment, but is there a rough
timeline on when the 3.5 cape might be available? I'd also be happy to
help test if you're looking for a beta customer.

Having said that, I'm also kinda looking forward to hacking my own.
Guess thats kind of the point huh :slight_smile:

If we develop a cape how would we distribute it? Is there a store
where we can sell it along with the BB and other capes?


We can handle that. Just contact me direct and I will take you through process.


I have an early protoype in my hand right now. There are several changes pending, but nothing that prevents it from being operational. SW work should start next week. I am hoping in a couple a weeks to get an image that runs.


I guess I missed the post above where you said you were already
working on a 3.5" LCD cape. No point in duplicating effort.

Are there any capes you would like to see developed that you don't yet
have the time to do?


We have a 3.5 inch in prototype.

There is a 4.3" that someone else did that we are trying to start getting it into production, but we have just starte that process an I am not sure what kind of shape it is in.

We have a 7" ready to go, but we need to do one more spin to add another button for Android operation. Plus we are looking to also have a 7" with mulitouch. Trying to find a multi touch panel that is not expensive right now is challenge!

So, any other size is open. 5" might be nice, but 5" is sort of an odd ball size, but it seems to be gaining some polarity.

2.5" would be a good size to have.



Do you have any 3.5" cape of referance which I can use … I need to interface 3.5" TFT to my beablebone


What is the status of the prototypes?

The design will be released once it is all tested and working. Once that is tested, they will be put on the market.

Untill then, you will have to wait or try doin it yourself.


They are built. Testing has not started.


Looking for volunteers?


Not yet, but maybe later. It should not be a difficult task, just need to get some other things out first.