BeagleBone and TiWi-R2 module

Currently, I can't even find TiWi-R2 ... stock everywhere seems to be zero.

mouser still offers them in single quantities though the lead time as
a non stock item is kinda long. anyone want to go in on a group buy
on TiWi-R2 modules. this would add 802.11bg to Your beagle bone
without tying up the usb port. small and compact to. Getting this
intigrated and working sounds like a good group project. maybe come
up with a production cape out of it. If you're interested in being
part of this make a post, I'd be happy to organize the purchase of
modules and direct the effort.


Hello Richard,

Did you run into any issues with the kernel module after the firmware update? I seem to have it hanging on something. How did you handle the IRQ?


We are using TiWi-R2 module. We have connected TiWi-R2 with processor (iMX6) through level translator (twl1200). We observed that clock and command are going to TiWi-R2, but TiWi-R2 is not responding. We did not see any activity in SDIO lines. We verified the power sequencing and clock signal, it looks good. but TiWi-R2 is not responding.

Please help us what could be the reason.

Thanks & Regards