BeagleBone and TiWi-R2 module

Does anybody know if there yet exists a BeagleBone to TiWi-R2 cape, or
at least a reference design?

I know for WiFi it uses SDIO, and I think I an use mmc1. I'm not sure
whether or not I should wire to a specific IRQ.

The HCI interface is serial ... not sure if I should try to use a
specific serial port.

This page:

gives some good info for OMAP that's probably mostly relevant to bone.

I haven't figured out where to get the 32 kHz clock yet.

No that I know if. The module I believe is 1.8V and the Cape is 3.3V on the I/O so that presents issues. SDIO is not easy to level translate…


Gerald, I want to use TXS0108E between CPU and TiWi-R2. How about this idea?

p.s. 32k source - you can use an oscillator ASEK2-32.768KHZ-LRT from Digikey

2012/2/12 Gerald Coley <>

Here I found another IC specially designed to bridge 1.8/2.6 devices with the TI Wi-Link-6. Unfortunately soldering will be really painful for most of users.

2012/2/12 Maxim Podbereznyy <>

My experience with that device is that it is slow to switch. If works fine for 3.3V to 5V, but the 1.8V to 3.3V is a little slower. You will need to run it at a lower speed. There is a new device out that I think is supposed to work better, but I have not worked with it and I don’t remember the part number.


2012/2/12 Gerald Coley <>

That's the part that LS Research recommends here:

It doesn't look that easy to find in small quantities.

This is all making me wonder if this module is just a bad idea, and
perhaps I should find something simpler. Even if SPI is slower than
SDIO, it'd be four pins to level shift, none of them bidirectional.

This is the device I was thuinking of. As I said, I have not used it, but I am sure it will work fine.


In message

Gerald, I want to use TXS0108E between CPU and TiWi-R2. How about this

Not sure about TXB0108E, but I have used two TXS0108E between a BB
and a character LCD module. Dead easy. Should work with the other
side anywhere from about 2 V all the way up to 5 V.

I bought a couple of spreader boards from Hong Kong (dead cheap) to
spread the connections out to 0.1" so I could use 0.1" square pad
matrix board. Fortunately I have access to a binocular microscope,
proper soldering iron and proper lead free solder at work, so I
managed the soldering OK.



based on this document
I assume either TXS0108E or TWL1200 will work.

2012/2/12 Dave Higton <>

You know, the chips on the TiWi support an SPI mode. LSR says they
don't recommend it because it's slower, but it would be much easier to
level shift SPI.

I am going to ask them about it on their forums. I'll let you know
what I learn.

I got an almost immediate response:

I am solving this problem on the cape I am working on now by using a CPLD to do the voltage conversions.

its plenty fast (200mhz) and will deal with this conversion issue, I just need tor read the spec for SDIO and learn what it takes to turn around the buffer logic to make the bus work.


To turn the bus around, you need to detect which end is driving the bus and then switch direction on the fly. There are no control singals that will tell you when the direction changes.


Gerald, can this be done in all software (telling the bone's MMC to
run slower)?

That is the only way it can be done. But, assuming this new device works, it may not be necessary.


Did anyone seriously get anywhere with the LSR TiWi-R2 module?

Initial response from the LSR site to Beaglebone support was negative and unhelpful…

Later LSR marketiing say they have a solution, but that was a month ago.

Is TiWi a waste of time for the Beaglebone? Shame I bought it! Hope; I get refund from supplier.

I tried to get response on thier site, but the moderator deletes my requests. What is the problem ?

Wow! got my Tiwi-R2 working with Beaglebone Thx all.

Richard, can you share what you did? Description of hardware,
software (bluetooth too), what kernel you're using, how the whole
thing generally went?



please do share what you did hardware and software wise to get the
TiWi-R2 module interfaced and working. I too would like to build upon
your accomplishment.