Beaglebone Angstrom running X11

Hello, I'm having some problems getting an X11 GUI running on the
BeagleBone in Angstrom. The documentation suggests that even if you
are running the version of Angstrom that shipped with the bone (which
is console only), you can still add X11 later, but unfortunately after
much scouring on the issue I cannot find a way to get this

My goal is to VNC into the bone once the GUI is operating. I've
attempted to install the x11vnc program but it fails during a
connection attempt and I believe the reason is the lack of a fully
functional GUI.

If the GUI cannot be added to the console image, I'd be happy to build
a new image that specifically includes X11, but that looks like quite
a bit of work.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, and thank you!

P.S. It appears the Angstrom feed servers are down since about 1am

The following commands may get you along:

root:~# opkg install angstrom-x11-base-depends
root:~# startxfce4

this may also be useful:

root:~# opkg install angstrom-x11vnc-xinit

Hi, I believe your instructions are correct Mark, because I've seen
lots of examples of these commands, however no matter what angle I
approach this from I get "unknown package 'angstrom-x11-base-

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Did you get this to work? The page
does not have a 'bone build.

feeling like a n00b here

everytime i get unknown package its becuase of the following....
1] Ethernet isn't connected to the beaglebone.
2] Beaglebone dosen't have an ip address if thats the case run
ifdown eth0; ifup eth0;
3] Angstrom opkg hasent been updated if that is the case run
opkg update
opkg upgrade

then try to install your packages with
opkg install angstrom-x11-base-depends

This isn’t working for me either.

Done opkg update, opkg upgrade on the 2/14/2012 shipping BeagleBone release build. Kernel = 3.2.5+

Opkg gives me the message: "Unknown package ‘angstrom-x11-base-depends’

I would really like to get a windowing GUI running on the BeagleBone – is that possible? I want to run with VNC (or similar) to use my Windows PC screen, keyboard & mouse. That’s supposed to be possible, right?

Any advice gratefully received!


It doesn’t work for me either. angstrom-x11-base-depends does not exist for the BeagleBone version, yet.

Has anyone been able to successfully install X11 Angstrom on the BeagleBone?

I have a Mimo Monitor (USB touch screen) connected to the BeagleBone and would love to have it display some sort of desktop environment. Any help finding an angstrom-x11-base-depends for the BeagleBone would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Has anyone been able to successfully install X11 Angstrom on the BeagleBone?

Thanks for the examples of BeagleBone working with X11 and gnome, but I can’t figure out a way to actually make it work.

Hi Kevin,

This is an online tool to create so called 'rootfs' images for your
favourite device. This page will guide through the basic options and
will close to let you select the additional packages you want.

Hi Chris,

I tried that. When I select simple, then X11, then Enlightenment, it does not create the file correctly. I still think this is the issue:

That page does not have a beaglebone or bone listed for the x11-base-depends

From the page when I try to build it says:

both show a X next to them. Anyway I can build angstrom-x11-base-depends on my own?

Thanks for your help.


setting up a build environment would be the easiest way and you can make your own layer to keep the changes you make by creating bbappend and you can add your own recipes in there.

Not sure exactly what you mean by this. Would you mind clarifying a little more?

set up a build machine to build Angstrom/OE

it is built with "layers" you can create your own to reflect what you want in your image. ie tweaks to recipes new recipes and so on.

Take a look at the yocto/poky manual. It is basically the same thing just substitute poky for angstrom and most transfer's cleanly and is way more up to date than anything else I can find online, even the Angstrom/OE doc's

Angstrom has a page with setup-scripts and an example of how to do it with a beagleboard. That will setup up the basic build environment. Though look at OE and your distro to find distro specific dependencies.

oh an in case not obvious you would substitute the machine for yours

I think I found the answer for this:

Another narcissus creator, this time with BeagleBone on the list. I’m trying out the X11 right now. Hopefully it will work correctly.