Beaglebone as a USBTMC Device


Does anyone know how to make the Beaglebone Black into a USBTMC device?

Please note: I am not trying to control USB devices (like multimeters and oscilloscopes) with the Beaglebone. I am trying to make a new instrument and will use the Beaglebone as the brains of the instrument.

I know it can be done, but I do not have any idea how to do it. Thanks!

-Matt Bradley


Although I have never done what you are asking about, I note that there is an available USBTMC driver for Pythonf.
Python is a reasonable choice for test equipment control and scripting.
You might want to Google “Python USBTMC.”

Both Python 2 and Python 3 are readily available for the BBB.

— Graham

If I understand Matt correctly, he doesn’t want what Python USBTMC does. I believe that’s a Python application (which might run on a BB) that accesses instruments having USBTMC interfaces.

Matt wants to make the Beaglebone one of those instruments. He therefore needs to have the BB offer a USBTMC device on its device port.

I don’t know if such a driver already exists or what would be required to create one but I would start here :

This explains how to build the kernel with alternate device interfaces such as MIDI.

You are correct, I misread his request.
— Graham

Adrian is correct. Python USBTMC allows me to control USBTMC devices, it does not make the Beaglebone into a USBTMC device. I will check out the link you sent me and see if it helps. If anyone has experience doing this, please let me know. Thanks.


Hello from 2022. @Matt_Bradley did you have any luck getting this to work? I’m interested in doing the same thing.

Hello from 2023. Any updates on this requirement??

Sorry, no. No one ever got back to me. Not working on it anymore.