Beaglebone as Android Accesory


I’m Xabier from Ariadna Instruments company.

I want a communication between the tablet and the bbb.

I am following the steps on this page.

And I have this error:

xabi@ubuntu:/media$ dir
\floppy floppy0 tablet
xabi@ubuntu:/media$ cd tablet
xabi@ubuntu:/media/tablet$ dir
xabi@ubuntu:/media/tablet$ tar -xzvf BeagleBoneAcc.tar.gz
xabi@ubuntu:/media/tablet$ dir
BeagleBoneAcc BeagleBoneAcc.tar.gz
xabi@ubuntu:/media/tablet$ cd BeagleBoneAcc
xabi@ubuntu:/media/tablet/BeagleBoneAcc$ dir
app MLO
xabi@ubuntu:/media/tablet/BeagleBoneAcc$ sudo sh /dev/sdd1
[sudo] password for xabi: 10: [[: not found
Incorrect MLO location!

What can I do?

Do you know of any other page that may serve as a guide for me to start?

Thanks in advance,


Can anyone help me please?

look in the .sh script-- it’s fairly obvious you’re missing arguments

Hi Xabier,

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your answer.

I have reconfigured sh using: sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash.
But I received the same error.

What can it be?

did you do

dpkg-reconfigure dash and select “no” when prompted ?

And you can confirm what sh is configured as by doing:

ls -l /bin/sh

It will typically either be a symlink to bash or dash.

Dave Hylands