[Beaglebone] Autonomous file transfer over ethernet


Is there any way to transfer files autonomously over ethernet?

In beagleboard I was using ftp and it allows to send files autonomously. In beaglebone, how can I achive that?

sftp and scp asks password and I can not create any scripts for automatic process.


What problem did you get using ftp on BeagleBone?

As far as I know it is possible to use ftp on BeagleBone as well as BeagleBoard…


2012/9/27 Özen Özkaya <ozenozkaya@gmail.com>

I mean, You can create your ftp server, like this example here:


2012/9/27 Leví Teodoro da Silva <tlevisilva@gmail.com>

Hi Levi,

There is no ftp package for Beaglebone.
Instead of ftp, there is sftp. But sftp does not let automated upload with a bash script.
I want to write my username and password to script and execute it.
It should provide autonomous login and file transfer.

For sftp, ssh and scp I have to enter the password with my hand, hence I could not able to automate file transfer.
When I use beagleboard there was ftp but for beaglebone there is not.

So I am digging any way to get automated file upload.

Do you have a suggestion?


2012/9/27 Leví Teodoro da Silva <tlevisilva@gmail.com>

I do not want to create an ftp server. There is an ftp server on a windows machine (its IP is and I want to upload files to this server autonomously.
The only problem is uploading files automatically from beaglebone to windows PC.


2012/9/27 Leví Teodoro da Silva <tlevisilva@gmail.com>


And if you build/create a ftp client and embedded on your root FS!?

2012/9/27 özen özkaya <ozenozkaya@gmail.com>


If you’re running Ubuntu on your Beaglebone, then there are a number of FTP clients that you can install with apt-get, such as lftp and ncftp.

If you’re running Angstrom, then it looks like you’ll have to download an FTP client “tarball” and build it. However, you can do this on your Beaglebone: it just takes awhile to run.

For example, to install lftp, enter the following commands from the Beaglebone command line:

wget http://ftp.yar.ru/pub/source/lftp/lftp-4.4.0.tar.gz
tar -xzvf lftp-4.4.0.tar.gz
cd lftp-4.4.0
make install

I just tried this on my Beaglebone running Angstrom, and it works, but takes about 30 minutes. I don’t think that you have to install any other packages first.

By the way, it’s possible to use sftp, scp and ssh without a password prompt. You can have to configure the SSH user-ID for public key authentication instead of password authentication. However, that requires a number of steps on both the client and server, so it might be more trouble than it’s worth if you already have an FTP server configured. FTP is good enough if you are using it on a local network.


Thank you Dan,

Your suggestions really helped me a lot.

I succeded both two methods you suggested and they work like a charm.

I am really thanful. Thank you again.


2012/9/27 Dan Watts <gigamegawatts@gmail.com>

You _can_ ssh and scp without any password! see eg:
I did not try it on Angström, but this should work.

dw@nixe:~$ scp index.html didi@
index.html 100% 3195 3.1KB/s 00:00
With no password promt....

Alternatively you can use cp, rsync, .... over an ssh-tunnel.