BeagleBone-based Serial Terminal Server

Hello Everyone,

My name is Saumitra Kapoor, an undergraduate student of BITS Pilani, India. I have prior experience with BeagleBone, Device Drivers and Computer Networking. I have been looking through the project ideas for GSOC-17 and I’m interested in “BeagleBone-based Serial Terminal Server”. After researching on the same, there are few things I would like to discuss:

  • I did my research on the existing softwares to get started but faced difficulty in moving forward. I guess Exploring BeagleBone by Derek Molloy is a good place to get started. To remote control a BBB and configure it to be a serial server device, how about replacing a serial service with a custom application service as given on the ideas page ? Derek disabled the gadget serial service with a custom service and then a custom service can be deployed to /dev/.

root@beaglebone:~# systemctl list-units -t service | grep tty

getty@tty1.service loaded active running Getty on tty1

serial-g…@ttyGS0.service loaded active running Serial Getty on ttyGS0

serial-getty@ttyO0.service loaded active running Serial Getty on ttyO0

I disabled the ttyGS0 process from starting on boot and a custom service was ready to be deployed to /dev/ttyGS0 and ran the custom example mentioned Here

I looked at Cisco servers but could only find the relevant hardware conversions. Yesterday, I talked to my college professor as to how to proceed further. We discussed the encoding conversion for RS232 to USB but were a bit confused regarding the mentioned project idea. I would be glad if anyone could help on getting started with the same and guide me in proper direction.