[BeagleBone] Beaglebone is not being recognized by the OS (for some reason)..

Hi everyone,

I've recently received the Beaglebone, and I'm trying to get it to

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10.

I've followed the instructions of the Getting Started Guide for the
Beaglebone at Beagleboard.org, but when it comes to monitor the serial
signal (by USB), I run into a wall.

By this I mean that it seems that the OS isn't mounting the USB. To
prove this, I did the following commands,

The problem is with the FTDI vendor and product number used on the Beaglebone. Try this on your Ubuntu host:

sudo modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x0403 product=0xa6d0

I'm not sure what the final solution will be, but this should get you going.


How long did you wait after powering the board up? What is the status
of the LEDs?
Is it USR0 blinking, USR1 constantly on?


After serial terminal opened (ex: minicom) you can restart it and see (a small button switch near to USB (power)).

Mark is right and it's covered in the getting started guide

Jacek, the onboard USB serial converter comes up within a second or
two when power is applied, no need to wait for the CPU to boot (if it
boots at all).


sorry for the delayed response, Xmas was hectic...

@Mark, I do write the vendor command before checking serial comm. It's
in the Getting Started Guide... However, I get nothing..

I've done quite a few experiments, all pretty much with the same final
result in terms of getting the serial comm.

is is possible to get something done another way? Like for example,
taking out the SD Card, programming whatever I want in it, and then
connecting the beaglebone, say, by ethernet and getting it to work?

I hope I'm not confusing anyone...