beaglebone black 10.3 flash problem

I have tried to flash ‘bone-eMMC-flasher-debian-10.3-iot-armhf-2020-04-06-4gb.img.xz’ via sd card. The install shows the ‘nightrider’ led sequence for about 20 mins then all 4 leds flash together twice then wait about 400 ms then repeat. it does this forever.
I remove the sc card and reboot, there is some random flashing then all 4 leds come on and stay on. No further progress.

I reflashed 7.5 in case it was an sd card problem but 7.5 flashes ok.

can anybody shed any light on what I’m doing wrong.

That’s the failure sequence… Since you using the 4GB image and talking about 7.5…

What Model of the BBB do you have, does it have an A5x, B, or C sticker on it?


Hi Robert
thanks for the info.
I beleive it’s a model C but there is no sticker. It has AM3358 but I can’t read any writing on the eMMC chip so I’m not certain if it’s 2 or 4gb. It’s been on the shelf since soon after I bought it around 2014.

the distro that flashes ok is:

I’m suspecting it may be a 2gb chip on reflection.

I have just accessed with html for the first time(previously only with putty) and the header tells the story:

BeagleBone Black rev 00A5 S/N 3007BBBK2330 running BoneScript 0.2.4 at

my apologies for being so slow I had thought it must be a mod C as the manual gives dates for the releases and my purchase seemed to be around the time of Rel C.

thanks again for the info.