Beaglebone black A5A hdmi not working

Anyone has Beaglebone black A5A with HDMI working?

My A5A version HDMI not working, however, my another A5B version, the HDMI is working fine.

We have shipped thousands of A5A boards with the HDMI working. The HDMI design is the same for A5A and A5B.


My A5A board without HDMI working bought from Element14 and there is no serial number sticker on board, so I don’t know how to RMA without finding out the serial number.
The A5B is from DigiKey and there is serial number sticker on board. I have no idea there are differences between them.

There are pictures in the SRM showing the location of the labels.

As to the differences, that is on the Wiki as well.

Revision A5B (Old Production Version)[edit]

1) Updated the PCB to incorporate the modification that was being done on Rev A5A. There is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in functionality between REV A5A and REV A5B.
2) Made the LEDs dimmer for those that could not sleep due to the brightness of the LEDs.