Beaglebone Black and tlv320aic32x4 No Audio Out or In

I am currently working on getting a board designed after the BBB to work with the tlv320aic3254 audio codec. Currently i have the driver being recognized by alsa with the included overlay. I modified the driver to use the 24.576 clock which we carried over from the BBB and when i hook up the device to our saleae logic analizer the bitclock, wordclock, and data look perfect when running speaker-test -t sine -f 1000. As in the overlay the AM335x is the slave device TLV320AIC3254 and the output data is correct. When using alsamixer i am able to configure the channels and the reg data changes but i get no sound out of either line out or headphone when the channels are enabled. I suspect there is either an overlay or configuration issue preventing the output of audio data as when i do arecord with a 1khz sine wave as input i get no data out as well. At this point i am at a loss as to why this is not working. I have included for reference my overlay, the register dump while speaker-test is running for page one and two and the updated driver with the MCLK patch and my additional clocking entries. Any help would be greatly appreciated


tlv320aic32x4.c (29.6 KB)

Reg Dump.txt (2.42 KB)

Hi ed,
I am also trying to play audio on BBB using TLV320AIC23 CODEC on 9.3 Debian version. But it seems device tree overlay structure has changed a lot in recent images. ?sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots is not available in latest debian. on which debian version did u try and can you please guide how did you add the audio cape to device tree. waiting for your response.
Thanks in advance.