BeagleBone Black - Angstrom - Enabling Jabber

I would like to enable XMPP communication between my Beaglebone Black and an Openfire server. Nothing fancy, just send a time stamped message when a Digital Input is tripped.

Two routes seem to present themselves

  1. Implement via PERL via NET::JABBER but I do not see this perl module in my angstrom build
  2. Implement via PYTHON XMPP bot.

I am more comfortable with perl but can use PYTHON if necessary. I searched the group but did not see any XMPP examples. Does anybody have XMPP examples that they could share?


I have been trying that over the weekends without major success.
The most natural consideration was it must be c/c++ based for performance and ease of compilation, for gcc/g++ is bundled with Angstrom on BBB.

Choices I considered(compiled) include jabberd14, jabberd2, in.jabberd, however the compilation was always stumbled by a few compilation errors here and there with each of them.
Now I am having an open mind to java-based solutions. Openfire seems promising, once I get the java chunk up and running.

Stay tuned.