BeagleBone Black as reliable 3G/4G router/ modem

Hello there,
Ive had it with my internet provider for a while now. I have a free BeagleBone Black and a usb huawei 3G modem laying around though. So I thought- wny not connect the usb modem to BeagleBone Black to get internet, and then connect BeagleBone Black to my router via ethernet to distrubute it further. I was trying to accmplish this approach some time a go by googling around and trying to set up some programs on a debian distro without success…
I was wondering- isnt there any straight forward solution for aplication such as this? Maybe a separate OS even, I dont mind? This is the only task I would like BeagleBone Black to do- get and then distribute internet.
I would really aprichiate any help in here, it would be really great for me to set this up.

I've used 3 or 4 different Huawei usb 3G modems. All worked pretty easily. I'm using an old version of the RCN images with Debian Wheezy and kernel 3.8.13-bone51.

All the tutorials for 3G modem for linux in general works good in BBB. A good one is this:

And I've tested only one 4G modem. It needed a newer version of usb_modeswitch, which is available in the Jessie images of RCN:

I think I had to recompile the kernel because one option was not turned on in the default kernel I used. But I don't remember which one. It was a long time ago and maybe this option is available now.

I haven't "shared" the 3G connection with the ethernet port, but I have already read somewhere that it can be accomplished with firestarter and dhcp3-server (to provide the IP's). Maybe this can help you.

Miguel Aveiro

openwrt maybe?

Thanks for the tips. I was wondering about openwrt, but im not sure either everything is supported there. I could get more pain than usage i fear.

This is very standard stuff. Debian can handle everything you need.

OpenWrt is needed on kit with very restricted memory and flash, and
neither of these are a problem with the BBB.

The kernel is going to have support for most USB 3G modems (just don't
choose a brand new one it's kernel support might still be in development).
Then set up the routing, and put a dhcp server up and off you go. Oh yes,
and remember to enable IPV4 forwarding (google it, as I say this is standard


Oh yes,and you will need an iptables SNAT rule (again google is your friend).


Right now I am trying to use the tutorial from here:

The difference I have other model of the huawei modem (e3131). After I hit lsusb, I dont see the full string like:

Bus 002 Device 005: ID 12d1:1003 Huawei chnologies Co., Ltd. E220 HSDPA Modem / E230/E270/E870 HSDPA/HSUPA Modem

All I see is:

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 12d1:14db Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Dont I have a driver? How can I install it? Is it even available? Tried to google and found nothing.

After i get to the sakis3g config I choose the Huawei stick:

And after that I cant connect:

I would really aprichiate any help.

Well a quick google lead me to:-

which I suspect will solve your problem (or at least move it forward).


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Sorry for that, ive done it by accident i think.
So I tried to install the network-manager, but it was not fully installed because it run into some errors (I think im not abble to install a single package clean there...). After the restart there is still no eth1 or any other.

Normally I was also always using interface file to config everything.

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