BeagleBone Black available with Texas Instruments DRA618X Series Processor

AM3359AZCZ100 Sitara processor is used in BeagleBone Black development board.

We need BeagleBone Black for automotive application. Is BeagleBone Black available with Texas Instruments DRA618X Series Processor?

The DRA61x/DRA60x (J5 Entry) is neither publicly available nor publicly documented, though as far as I know that’s essentially the same SoC, just with AEC-Q100 qualification? That doesn’t seem very useful unless all of the other components are also automotive-qualified. Or does it have an actual feature you need that’s missing on the AM335x? (That would presumably be MLB then?)

The BeagleBone Black is open hardware, the design files are publicly available, so if you can source the DRA61x then you could have some company produce a custom variant for you (based on the same PCB but different BOM), though that will obviously not be cheap in low quantities.

You can also try talking to SanCloud who have experience with using BeagleBones in automotive applications (and also made their own BeagleBone derivatives, though those still use the AM3358, not a DRA618).

BTW, you posted this in the wrong category, this doesn’t have anything to do with the BeagleBoard-X15.