Beaglebone black Backup on NAS


With “beagle-flasher” I could copy the eMMC to the sd card.

But is it possible to save the Image file on a NAS?

Thank you!

Today this script only can transfer be eMMC and microSD, it would have to be patched to generate an *.img file directly…

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thanks for this quick response!

Is this very complicated? To change the target path?

I`m working sometimes to update OS and IOs and so on. If it running in an error, I have a problem.
So I made always before a backup to the sd card. But with 3-4 versions it is difficult and need to handle directly on the sd card plug.

With an upload to a NAS I could made several backups

On the BBB, the eMMC is only 4GB (or 2GB), so even assuming you setup a loop device to hold the target *.img it would still need to be locally stored on the microSD or usb flash.

Writing directly to a NAS as an .img file is not possible due to technical possibilities?

That’ll depend on the NAS file system, assuming nfs, mounting a loop device over that should be trivial, just note the BBB only has a 100MB ‘fast’ ethernet…

Yes, 100Mbit is not fast, but to backup without changing and handle sd cards has a charm.

I guess this could only be done by a profi like yours?

Second idea:
Is it possible to create one sd card backup and then only with rsync to backup data?

In case of an issue, I flash the eMMC with the “base sd card” and then update with rsync. But is this while running debian possible?

or maybe this?: