Beaglebone black Backup on NAS


With “beagle-flasher” I could copy the eMMC to the sd card.

But is it possible to save the Image file on a NAS?

Thank you!

Today this script only can transfer be eMMC and microSD, it would have to be patched to generate an *.img file directly…

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thanks for this quick response!

Is this very complicated? To change the target path?

I`m working sometimes to update OS and IOs and so on. If it running in an error, I have a problem.
So I made always before a backup to the sd card. But with 3-4 versions it is difficult and need to handle directly on the sd card plug.

With an upload to a NAS I could made several backups

On the BBB, the eMMC is only 4GB (or 2GB), so even assuming you setup a loop device to hold the target *.img it would still need to be locally stored on the microSD or usb flash.

Writing directly to a NAS as an .img file is not possible due to technical possibilities?

That’ll depend on the NAS file system, assuming nfs, mounting a loop device over that should be trivial, just note the BBB only has a 100MB ‘fast’ ethernet…

Yes, 100Mbit is not fast, but to backup without changing and handle sd cards has a charm.

I guess this could only be done by a profi like yours?

Second idea:
Is it possible to create one sd card backup and then only with rsync to backup data?

In case of an issue, I flash the eMMC with the “base sd card” and then update with rsync. But is this while running debian possible?

or maybe this?:

Hi all,
I have a similar situation. Several BBBs installed in different locations (far away) which get from time to time changes and updates. The BBBs are accessible via ssh.
It would be very helpful to get an compressed image file on a computer in different location (at home) as a bootable backup for each BBB.
I would like to be able to flash such a file to a new/empty sdcard (e.g. with balena etcher) which can be booted again on the BBB.
e.g. ssh to BBB → run beagle-flasher (special version) | ssh user@mycomputer :/myBackupForBalena.imz

I tried the following:
ssh to BBB: dd if=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M status=progress |gzip -1 -| ssh user@mycomputer dd

After that I flashed that image to a new sdcard but booting with it was not successful, because the boot partition is now /dev/mmcblk0.
How would I get a working image?
Thank you,