BeagleBone Black (BBB) & 7" LCD LVDS bundle (Cape + 7" Display) form Chalkboard

I have put the bbb on ice for now, because it is quite new and i think that the bbw capes are not always compatible to it.

For now I am useing an beagleboard xM for my project with an LC display from chalkboard. It works out of the box, only the resulution has to be altered.

so the bbb will slumber till chalkboard or anybody else will build an 7"Display kit for the BBB.



Hi Berthold,

I bought this cape too, but without the LCD, which I have many over my table, and have cable and monitor, to test.

Could I know if you make this cape works already ? if not, and I make some success :slight_smile: I will share here.

Best Regards,


I am also facing a similar issue wit beaglebone black. Have u been able to make the chalkboard display work with beaglebone black??