BeagleBone Black CAN Bus Cape


I have a project idea that involves using the BeagleBone Black CAN bus controller. I found this cape on e-linux but then I realized it is discontinued long time ago, most distributors have it out of stock or discontinued. Is there any alternatives to this cape?

It all depends how handy you are and the quantity you need.

A CAN tranceiver is a very simple device, it requires power (2 sides), has two pins for process conenction (CAN-High and CAN-Low) and two pins for ┬ÁC connection (TX & RX)

If you need only one/some you can easily build this using prototyping boards and wires.
If you need more you better design a PCB and assemble the components.

Best is to start from the simple prototyping and evolve.

The Beagle CAN processing is rather easy and works almost immediatly.


Take a look at the Comms Cape:


Thanks for the reply. I just realized some DIY projects such as this one and it seems very straightforward. Just to be clear, the hardware side is just the 4 wires, TX/RX and CAN-H/CAN-L right?