BeagleBone Black: cannot install newer images

I have a 3-4 year old BeagleBone Black (A6) with 2GB eMMC, and I’m trying to upgrade it to current Debian images so I can use it to run Klipper. I’ve tried several images from the “Latest images” site, but the only one that works are the Debian 7.5 “Wheezy” images. I’ve created a bootable SD card with the flasher image using Balena Etcher, and the board boots from the card and flashes the image to the eMMC.

However, this version doesn’t work with Klipper, and I can’t get a newer image to run or install. If I create a bootable SD card with a newer image, it never boots from it (with the BOOT switch pushed or not), and always boots from the Debian 7.5 image on the eMMC.

I don’t seem to be able to find any online discussion about this happening to anyone else. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hello @apande ,

Seth here. I think installing the older image is an omen. It will be easier to install the up-to-date images on this forum if you look at Debian 10.x/11.x Kernel Updates .


If you are using an SD Card to boot your board, which you should since you have 2GB of space on the eMMC, then just get the IoT or LXDE image for the am335x.

There is a way to erase the contents of your eMMC which probably has an older, “busted” model of an image that is not maintained any longer.

I am guessing really. Maybe, erase the partition of the eMMC.


P.S. If you need anything else, ask away!

Seth, thanks for the help! Looks like deleting the partition table on the eMMC did the trick. I’m now able to boot from an SD card with a current Debian release. The 7.5 release I flashed must have something wrong with the SD card boot check.

Thanks again!

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@apande , I am not quite sure exactly how the two, eMMC and SD Card, are related when booting but I think w/ some newer images, the persons handled this issue (I think).


P.S. If in doubt and you have an older A5 or B(n) or whatever that has the 2GB eMMC, flashing from a SD Card will most likely be an easy out. Also, the newer images, I think even this IoT (server) image that the .org produces, gets over 2GB in storage. And…you are welcome. No issue at all.