Beaglebone Black Chromium not starting

I am running Debian IoT 9.9 with lxde & vncserver. They work fine.

Ater installing chromium “Chromium 72.0.3626.122”. It does not run.

From within a vncsession I start an lxterminal session and
if I type /usr/bin/chromiumI get DBus errors. Service unknown.

The screen briefly comes up and closes.

Chromium needs to be working in order to use “Beaglebone getting started”.

Is there something I am missing?


No, your not missing anything. Debian's version of Chromium for armhf
has been broken for awhile now..

I have an older "special" version in the repo..

First, nuke the version you installed..

sudo apt remove chromium --purge
sudo apt update
sudo apt-cache madison chromium

#which should list:


These are some good notes. I like the apt-mark hold command now.


P.S. Thank you.


Looking ahead. Yes Chrome works now. Do you see Debian fixing it in the
future or BBB fixing Dbus issue. Or perhaps a different small browser.

I would hate to have spent good money on the BBB only to have it break
in the future with no fix!


The proper thing to do:

Re-test with sid's version of Chrome and if there are issues, submit a
bug to debian's chrome package.


Had some free time over the weekend, rebuilt 67.0.3396.87 and 68.0.3440.75..

67.0.3396.87 is what we ship by default..

68.0.3440.75 is the first with the "bug"..

Bug report:

Debian's developer recommends switching to "buster", so i'll just
leave 67.0.3396.87 as our work around for now.. ps. on an APM-Mustang,
it only takes about 12-14 hours to rebuild...


Thanks for the info.

Is there any difference between

67.0.3396.87 is what we ship by default.


Other then a point difference 87 vs 87-1 ?

Technical yeah there is a BIG difference, but technically my last
email was incorrect..

We don't ship 67.0.3396.87, we ship 67.0.3396.87-1~deb9u1rcnee*

Doesn't really change anything thou..


Ok, thanks for the clarification.