BeagleBone Black EGL OpenGL ES2 example

I have been trying to get a simple EGL/GLES2 c++ application to work. I’m trying NOT to use the PVRShell example code provided in the SDK. I have a BeagleBone Black Rev C running the standard Debian image. I updated the Kernel to the 3.13 version and installed the SGX drivers following the instructions on the wiki. All of the demos run just fine.

Does anyone have some sample code that they can pass along on how they created the EGL Context and then did something simple in Open GL ES2 (ES1 would also be ok). I’ve tried creating the EGLDisplay with an X display and a framebuffer file descriptor but they always return no display. I’ve only had luck with the EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY. I’m almost ready to go back to the Raspberry Pi as I just can’t seem to figure this out. Thanks for the help.


Have you found something?