Beaglebone Black FTDI installation

I just got a BBB and trying to setup the drivers from this website. I have downloaded the BONE_D64 and installed drivers successfully. After that this is my device manager below. I tried to install the FTDI drivers, but when I try to I get “USB Serial Converter B Access is Denied Error”. I am just new with BBB. Any help would be great. - Markel

BeagleBone Black does not use the FTDI device. That is only on the BeagleBone.


Since when? I’m looking at two BBBs on my desk right now, and I’ve never accessed them with anything other than the FTDI cable. Sorry I can’t help the OP with Windows drivers; no drivers needed on Linux. Maybe the OP doesn’t actually have an FTDI cable and doesn’t realize that he doesn’t need that driver if he going the other way?

Since I removed it from the design. It was on the original BeagleBone but no the Black… Now, if you are talking about an FTDI cable that can be plugged into the board, that you can use. and it is up to FTDI to provide help on its installation. You can go to their website for the drivers.