Beaglebone Black Getting Started not working

Hi all,

I just bought the MakerShed getting started kit for the BBB. I unboxed the board and plugged her in on my Ubuntu 13.10 box. After about a minute of waiting, I saw no filesystem mounted for the BBB. I installed the drivers on the website (under “Getting Started”), but to no avail. I tried the same process on Windows 7, but that didn’t work either. Any insight to this? Thanks!

Does the BBB boot on its own (with a 5V power supply)? Do you get a login prompt on the monitor? Do you see the u-boot startup on the serial port (you may need to buy a special cable for that)?

I am not sure what’s the point of doing the “Getting Started” procedures. You can just use it. Or better yet, download the Ubuntu image by Robert C Nelson, and use that.

I bought this board a bit on a whim, so I don’t have my usual embedded supplies on hand (e.g. a 5V power supply). I’ll give it a go as soon as I get my hands on one. But basically, the only feedback I can get from the board are the activity LEDs (U0-3), which are blinking as prescribed.

Yeah, I think Angstrom will be replaced by either embedded Ubuntu or Fedora. Should I perhaps try to flash a fresh OS image onto the board?