BeagleBone Black hang


My BBB sometimes hangs at startup time on the user LED 2. After turning off BBB, wait 10 minuts and turning on, he started to work. It happened the second time. Previously helped launch with microSD.

Distro is Angstrom and BBB rev is A6A.

Any ideas?

Ps. Sorry for my bad english, I used google translator.

Can you connect the serial port and look at the messages to get an idea of what is going on?


I don’t have cable to connect serial port. Today again suspended, but just turn it off and wait a bit before restarting. I’ll ask my friends about the cable to connect the serial port, maybe my friends will have this cable .

W dniu środa, 4 czerwca 2014 14:21:01 UTC+2 użytkownik Gerald napisał:

I attach two log files. The first concerns the Angstrom booted from eMMC, the second file Debian runs from uSD.

W dniu środa, 4 czerwca 2014 10:07:15 UTC+2 użytkownik leon9 napisał:

BBB_log.txt (33.6 KB)

BBB_log_DEBIAN_uSD.txt (24.6 KB)

I forgot to add. BBB does not wake up every time.

From your logs I see that BBB does not hang, it crashes at u-boot.img reading, and starts over.
Something about power or overheating possible.

Try external power supply.
Look for hot chips on the BBB (or try fan to cool it)
List everything connected to the BBB here, for us to know your environment.

I disconnect all external device and I connect external power supply.
It did not help. I noticed that the chip U14 (LAN) heats up. I add a heat sink but did not help.

Sorry to be so irregular reply but I had a diploma thesis defense.

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Any ideas?

Did you solve the problem? I have clients reporting me that their beaglebone based device also hang up several times and for me its hard to find out cause I cannot access their beaglebones.