Beaglebone Black in not working at all.

My BB Black is not working since last night. as nothing seems to be wrong but it is not booting and only Power Led is ON any help?

Did you try reflashing the software on the board?


This happens to me from time to time also Gerald. We’ve had this discussion before, and the only thing that really makes sense to me is power supply ramp time. But I’m no EE, especially one of your caliber.

Yes, this is true. Maybe have the power supply plugged in and then plug it into the board may help.


Hi Gerald,
I too have same problem my BBB is not working at all. Only power led is ON. When I plug it to my PC, giving me a AM355x USB driver not found. Please help me.

Can you go to the support Wiki?

Reflash the eMMC.


Could be a faulty DC port. Mine went ‘flaky’ after about 4 days of running the BBB non-stop. First it started randomly rebooting and then it just up and died (power led off). Unplug/plug back in, and it stays up for maybe 15min then either dies or reboots.

Works fine off the USB power supplied by the Debug Port.