Beaglebone Black Industrial Debian 9.2


I am trying to flash the eMMC using Debian 9.2 2017-10-10 4GB SD IoT in my Beaglebone Black Industrial, but the img no work.
Please somebody can help me with this.

Please explain what you did and what doesn't work..

As a reminder use, "" to create the microSD card with the
Debian 9.2 2017-10-10 4GB SD IoT image:

Next since you want to flash the eMMC, boot up the BeagleBone and login..

Then follow:

to setup the image to flash the eMMC.


Hello Robert,

Thanks, now i can flash the eMMC. I needed uncomment just this in /boot/uEnv.txt:

##enable BBB: eMMC Flasher:

Best regards,