beaglebone black install issues. recent ubuntu and debian images not working here

Follow the instructions on that page closely. It sounds like you may not be holding down the boot button long enough? Also, remember that these images don’t flash the eMMC with the image the only allow you to boot from the micro SD.


thank you Tommy.
ok, big misunderstanding on my part then. i thought these images (that i got from would flash the board memory.

still no go though. i now _think the board is booting in ubuntu/debian properly - i get the hearbeat led going after a few seconds and i can shut it down with the power button. but as i don’t have a hdmi connected and nothing shows up in /dev/tty.usbmodem*, and also i can’t ssh into it, i can only guess. hmm.
i’ll get access to a hdmi screen in a few days and will try to see what is happening then.

thanks again,