Beaglebone Black Jessie lxqt turn off desktop

I'm kicking the tires on Debian 8 jessie on BBB with a 4DCape-43t with the 10/22/2014 lxqt image
I've installed SGX and it works great.
Is there a way to get it to not load the desktop?
In previous versions, you could modify uEnv.txt and add


And it would boot to a console.
Is there a way to do that with this image?

I'm also trying to run the Qt examples - in particular, Fingerpaint.
I launch it from a network connected console window and displays on the LCD cape.
It launches in EGLFS fine. When I fingerpaint, the debian console takes over and flashes to the foreground and it is weird.
I'm hoping disabling the desktop will solve that issue.

Well it's lightdm that triggers lxqt to load, so you could disable that..


This works to turn off lxqt in a running system:

sudo systemctl isolate

and this starts it up again:

sudo systemctl start

To avoid starting up a graphical desktop at boot run:

sudo systemctl set-default

and change back with:

sudo systemctl set-default