Beaglebone Black LCD Display connection

Hi everybody!

I’m really new to the whole arm boards thing and I bought myself a BBB. I’ve connected it to my monitor and played a little bit with it.

Now I want to start really messing around with it and I’ve come to a place, where I want to hook up some little LCD panel to it. I was thinking about some HD (760p) panel, bet than I realised that to experiment it would be cheaper to take apart my Asus eee pc 701 and use that panel, since I haven’t used it for years. I’ve figured out that the panel uses an LVDS interface, but I can’t get around to understand how it is better to hook it up.

I realised, that I can use the LCD_DATA, VSYNC, HSYNC and so on. pins from the BBB to connect it. But I still can’t figure out what else I need, or how to get the EDID info from the panel? Do I need to convert the signal from the BBB to LVDS, if so, than how? Or will the BBB just run the LVDS panel?

Can somebody help me with some instructions, guides on connecting LCD panels or some good panels, that would be easier to install?

P.S. Since I want to make my BBB mobile - I don’t want to use huge HDMI->LVDS converters, but I am open to ideas on using other interface panels, that would make connecting it easier.
P.S.S. Are there any AMOLED displays available for low power consumption rates?


for an introduction into some of the interfaces used for display can view slides and presentation here:

in addition you can view schematics and additional material on how other lcd panels are connect at

Dave Anders

Very nice info. Thank you, so much! That cleared some questions quite a bit!

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the easiest way to hook up an LCD panel is using a TFP401 TI chip on the output of the BBB’s HDMI? If I’m not mistaken - that is how the other projects work.

But I still can’t understand how and where do I need to generate and send the EDID.