BeagleBone Black - No HDMI Output

I am also having this issue. I RMA’d my board back to manufacturer. Here a link to my post with responses from some BeagleBone folks.

Chuck W.


I am Ashwin. I am using BeagleBone black with 7.11 wheezy image. Earlier I was using it by connecting to LCD monitor it was working before but suddenly it started to show blank screen. I have been following this thread since then and I have followed almost all the steps in these comments.
I have done

  1. Reflashed the device
  2. checked about the monitor in parse-edid edid it showed correctly
  3. xrandr --verbose to 1024x720@60 as well as 50 rate and set the same in /boot/uEnv.txt also
  4. checked the hdmi status in sys/class/graphics/fb0/device/status also it was showing connected also.

Please Gerald/Robert help me with this issue.

Thanks in Advance



I brought New beaglebone black and when I try to interface LCD to beaglebone black using HDMI cable I get ‘No signal’ on LCD

Mostly first way is to enable video and cape universal in boot/uEnv.txt in sd card for debian9 image


I did it again checked and it is already included still I am getting ‘No Signal’ on LCD

Next thing I search on websites

as per their guidance for HDMI, the etc/X11 consist of the xorg.config file, but in my sd card, I didn’t see that particular file.Even on Ubuntu in /etc/X11 i see xorg.config.failsafe file instead.

I am unable to find out the reason for getting ‘No signal’ on LCD.

Is that new BBB requires setting for HDMI?