Beaglebone black not booting when circuitry connected

Hello there, I have been working on a robotics project using the beaglebone black and have just run into some difficulty.

I am using a protocape for holding all of my circuitry to various sensors. While the protoboard is connected, the board turns on but does not boot. When I disconnect the protocape, my board turns on and boots normally. This happened in between runs with no changes made.

I have changed batteries, disconnected different sensors, and do not have my robotics routine running on start up. That is the extent of my troubleshooting skills.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to check? I don’t know how this could have happened with no changes made, but alas, this is what happens two weeks before a project is due.

Thank you in advance

Read the section in the System Reference Manual on considerations in the selection of I/O Pins.
Particularly read the section on protecting the pins that are used by the BBB during boot.
— Graham

Sounds to me like you’re shorting something on your protocape. Check your pin usage, particularly the power/gnd pins. Also look for shorts on the protoboard (again, pwr/gnd lines), I know it’s easy to make mistakes on the protoboards.

You don’t have to short anything out for what he is describing to happen.

The BBB-Sitara uses a field of 100K resistors, which are either pull-ups or pull-downs

on 15 different lines, pinned out from P8-31 through P8-46, which instructs it how to boot.

Any load on any of these pins, of lower than several hundred thousand Ohms, can derail the boot process.

You can only load those pins after the Sitara has completed booting.

BBB System Reference Manual, Version C1, page 106.

— Graham