Beaglebone black not detected when plugged into PC

Hi All,
Please help me out. I was rebuilding the kernel of Beaglebone but I followed 2-3 links together instead of following one link. I had the SD card on the beaglebone which seems to have been corrupted. When I plug in my Beaglebone into my PC, it does not detect and no mass storage device recognized on my PC. It also did not detect on 2 other systems. When we usually plug in the BBB, the Leds flash but now they are not flashing and the power is flowing but now I dont know what the heck is going on.
I have Windows 7 as my host and Ubuntu on my VMWARE. But it seems it is not getting detected. Can anyone tell me a solution how to enable everything back to normal or is it I have to give a wake up call to the board? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Suman Saurabh Mohanty.

  1. Insert your SD card with a good image of Angstrom or Ubuntu.
  2. Hold boot button down
  3. Hold power button down until the power LED flashes
  4. Wait until you see all 4 LEDs light up and release the boot button
  5. Your BBB will now load off of the SD card image and you should have unbricked your BBB.

Hello suman,

I have the same problem with my board. It is not recognised by my laptop when i try to boot it from SD card. The board works fine with no SD card in it.
If u came up with the solution can you please help me.

Thank you.

I had the same issue too. Reflash the SD card.

Hi all,
I flashed my Beaglebone Black with the latest Debian image. But when I connect it to a PC (through USB) its not recognized. Whenever I connect it to the PC with the MicroSD inserted inside the board, the PC recognizes it. Please help me out to solve this problem.

Thank you

"latest" =???

Unless you post the file name, we can't help you...


Hi all ,

I amusing yocto build for beaglebone board. I refered this link to build the beaglebone board image.

what is my problem is I need to detect my beaglebone board to PC what shall I do ? to resolve this issue.


I’ve flashed my emmc with the “BBB-eMMC-flasher-ubuntu-16.04.2-console-armhf-2017-04-07-2gb.img”; everything seems to be working as expected, but this guy now doesn’t show up as a USB drive on my Win7 laptop.

Not sure what I’ve overlooked. I can ssh, the usb0 is there, ethernet over usb is there, re-running the driver installation and the drivers all say installed and fine. The laptop even “chimes” when the board powers up, but no USB drive shows up.

What files/modules would the OS need to make him show up as a USB drive? I actually want access to the MLO file.


Change the variable actual_image_file to the partition you'd like to share:



??? None of that makes any sense.