BeagleBone Black power led strange behaviour


Today I worked with my BBB on 5V supply and everythings works fine. Then I did connect an Lipo battery to the TP5/TP6 and TP8 and a 10Kohm between TP7 en TP8.

My idea was to research how the charger of the PMIC works, I connected an 5V supply for about 1.5A and everythin works fine, the battery charges correctly and when the supply is disconnected it works ok.

After a while I disconnected the battery and connected the supply of 5V again, but now the power LED flashes up, about 1 second off and 100 a 250msec on. It seems the PMIC is not starting, what is strange because earlier it works fine.

When I connect the battery again and put on the 5V supply everything works normal, the battery is going to charge and BBB is starting up.

Does somebody has an idea why the BBB wont work anymore with only the supply connected?

Thanks in advance

I can’t really comment. If I had the board, I could look at ti. But, not having it makes it tough to guess.Try powering off the board before you plug the DC back it.