Beaglebone-black rev C en windows 11

I have a Beaglebone-black rev C, but my operating system is Windows 11 and I can’t get it to work, do you know of anything how to do it? I can access the folders, but it tells me that the RNDIS driver is not recognized


use wsl2.


I use WSL2 to ssh into the board…

ssh debian@

What version of the os are you using, I’ve tested windows 11 recently and the ncm interface worked out of the box. (No drivers install required)

windows 11 professional

Sorry the firmware version on the BBB?

I already logged in via ssh


Oh. Okay, so you can ssh into the BBB but need drivers for some reason. I am sorry. I misunderstood.


P.S. I am not sure about the drivers any longer as the BBB on my side of things can connect directly to the host via ssh, sftp, and by way of getting online via Ethernet. I am not sure as of now why drivers for a Win 11 desktop will be needed at all since you can already use your BBB via ssh and “Ethernet.” Please let me know if I am off base here.