Beaglebone black rev c not connecting to Ubuntu 16.04

Hey there,

I am new here and completely new to beaglebone. I read the starting guide to board. MI am using Ubuntu 16.04 lts as host machine.
My problem is.

When I am connecting BBB to my PC. And opening the start.html file the install driver is not green. I've already run the as root. I can't ssh to says no route to host. I am not able to ping it either. Ping command says destination host unreachable.

BBB is shown as enx38d26993f39b in ifconfig and inet addr: I manually changed it but no luck with that.

I can see dhcpclient running on host as well.

Now if I reeboot my PC with BBB attached and then try to connect it works. And it always works that way. I am not sure if this problem is already posted here. Couldn't find anything about it. If I reset my board then it gets disconnected and I need to reeboot my PC in order to connect to board again.

Not sure if this is the problem with dhcp.

/Etc/network/interfaces reads as below

Auto lo
Iface lo inet loopback

I added below lines to the file

Auto eth0
Allow-hotplug eth0
Iface eth0 inet dhcp

Please help