beaglebone black rev c


I am using BBB for first time. I was trying to boot Beaglebone black rev c using micro SD card.

first i changed this

##enable BBB: eMMC Flasher:


to this

##enable BBB: eMMC Flasher:



I flashed latest debian image on SD card.

later i inserted SD card into the board then applied power through USB while pressing boot button(>10 sec). only two LED was blinking for more then 2 hrs. so i disconnected the USB and again connected to my PC(without SD card in it). now my board is not detected by my PC. once again i tried to boot using SD card by pressing boot button by applying power, now my PC is detecting the board.( when card is in board, pc is detecting the board).

pls help me to solve this issue.

Download this image:

Use this tool:

To write the image to an microSD card.

Insert microSD into BBB, power up..

Let it flash, should take 5-10 minutes at max..