BeagleBone Black Rev C3 by Seeed Studio

We just received a beaglebone black from Digikey manufactured by Seeed:

The box is marked as “rev C1”. I’d like to understand what changed between rev C and rev C1. At first, I thought it was the changes captured in the recent commits on: GitHub - beagleboard/beaglebone-black: Design and Document files for the BeagleBone Black from but we’ve noticed some further changes. In particular the top copper seems to deviate from the official BBB rev C3 design at pin 12 on U2.

Hi @misterhayman

These should be: PCB: RevC; production design, where as C3 = should be the BOM

@jkridner did we miss what @misterhayman pointed out on the PCB?


Yes the PCB itself is marked rev C on the bottom copper layer.

But the box is marked rev C1 (confusingly).

I see now that an update was pushed to the gerbers on the repository. Much appreciated! Thanks all! Looks like it matches what we’re seeing on these Seeed boards, so I’m glad to see that Seeed isn’t deviating from the official Beaglebone Black design.