BeagleBone Black: rtcwake(8)

I received a BeagleBoneBlack board recently and attempted to use the rtcwake command to suspend to memory then resume after a set amount of time:

rtcwake -d /dev/rtc0 -m mem -s 30

and it returned an error indicating that the device /dev/rtc0 is not configured for wakeup events. I also tried this for /dev/rtc and without the -d flag. Additionally, the following:

echo “mem” > /sys/power/state

did not work to force a suspend to memory.

Is suspend to memory supported? Is there a trick to configuring the rtc to support wake events?



Its because you do not have the below patch –;a=commitdiff;h=b27f80e43bd946f0d859ba1aa8228a44d031185d

Please note that this patch is against v3.2 kernel so you have to forward port it to v3.8. Instead of platform data you have to use DT property for this.



Thank you Vaibhav,

If anyone has happened to do this, please let me know; otherwise when I get around to doing this I will post back here with the changes.